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About Hawthorne Ranch & Cattle

Hawthorne Ranch began as a vision of pristine pastures, grazing cattle, and a family working together under the great Texas sky. After years of hard work, that vision has come to fruition in Lovelady, Texas. 

The Hawthorne family (Jared, Elena, Brayden, and Jax) supports this ranch through handwork and dedication every day. There is no corporate staff, there is no marketing team, no board of directors, this is a true family run business. 


Pasture Raised. Grass Fed. Natural Beef.

Our cattle and our customers are what drives us each day, the opportunity to preserve the Texas Longhorn breed of cattle and provide the best possible grass-fed beef. Our promise is that there will never be hormones, antibiotics, pesticides or fertilizers used on our ranch. We hold to the standard that nature set forth; pasture raised, grass-fed, natural beef.

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