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Why Ranch-to-Table

Why choose ranch-to-table beef from a small family ranch in the heart of nowhere over a quick trip to the grocery store? What motivates customers to take that extra step? It's a question I've pondered deeply after more than a year in this business. Isn't it easier to just opt for the convenience of supermarket shopping?

The answer, for me, boils down to the producer. Our journey began in a quaint Texas neighborhood where we were living what seemed like the quintessential American dream. Amidst this idyllic setting, our family's passion for cooking and healthy eating blossomed. As we dug into sourcing ingredients, we realized that finding locally pasture-raised beef was surprisingly difficult. TEXAS, a state renowned for its beef, we couldn't find it. Despite claims of grass-fed and pasture-raised beef on online platforms, I wanted a connection - to know the rancher, see the ranch, and trust the process of production.

This realization ignited a spark within us. We envisioned offering a quality product that bridged the gap between producer and consumer. From that seed of an idea, Hawthorne Ranch & Cattle was born. Today, we're just scratching the surface of the land's potential and what we can raise in the most natural way possible. We're on the brink of expanding into other proteins, with plans for chickens by the summer of '24 and pork by the summer of '25.

Our entire endeavor, from the ranch to the cattle to the meticulous process, is dedicated to providing you, the customer, with an alternative to grocery store beef and meat box subscriptions. At Hawthorne Ranch & Cattle, quality is our foremost priority. You can trust that we'll always deliver products of the highest caliber.

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